Vs Exports and Imports


Pulses or dried seeds make up the staple diets of countless people on continents far and away. They are almost indestructible, yes but when cooked right, they form the basis of countless recipes. Such is the importance of pulse that we had to make sure they were only the best. With pulses forming such an essential part of the diet for billions each day, we had to ensure we provided nothing but a flawless product. Vs Exports and Imports is one of the largest suppliers of value-added pulses, staple foods, and spices across the world. We process top-quality products for our customers.Our Products are 100% pure and hygienically processed & packed with automated machines with no human touch during the entire process. We strict ourselves to the quality standards of all the products in different packing sizes.

Urad dal

Pigeon pea

Green gram